Species Ambassador Olive the Sea Otter Dies After White Shark Bite

California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) confirmed that the sea otter known as “Olive” died from a shark bite. Olive was estimated around seven years old. Scientists last spotted Olive alive on Feb. 15, 2015, and then a private citizen reported discovering her dead on the beach March 22. After her rescue and rehabilitation […]

Olive the Oiled Sea Otter and her new pup

Otter Pup Is First in California Born to Previously Oiled Sea Otter

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. – Facebook followers of “Olive the Oiled Otter” received long-awaited news: Scientists spotted her with what they believe is her first pup. The birth of Olive’s pup is a milestone in oiled wildlife rehabilitation as this is the first pup born to a previously oiled sea otter in California. In early August, […]

Olive the Oiled Sea Otter Gets a Good Washing

Washing Oiled Sea Otters

In what can only be a twist of fate “Washing Oiled Sea Otters” was published in the Wildlife Society Bulletin issue 38(1), March 24, 2012, the 23rd anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill, and the roll out date of seaotters.com. The bottom line on this paper is that using some new tools and technology, […]

Olive the Oiled Sea Otter

Olive the Oiled Sea Otter

If you Google the title of this blog you will find a Facebook pagedeveloped in 2009 chronicling the rescue, treatment, recovery and release of Olive the Oiled Sea Otter. At the time it was a neat story with a happy ending and, but little known to most of her followers, Olive served at the proof […]

Those Who Fail to Learn from History are Doomed to Repeat It

This spring we mark the 23rd anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill. The grounding of the supertanker Exxon Valdez on Bligh reef in Prince William Sound, Alaska in 1989 resulted in the release of approximately 257,000 barrels of crude oil. That was less that 1/10th of the total cargo, but the negative effects on […]

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