Raft of sea otters, Monterey Bay, CA

Major Victory for California’s Threatened Sea Otters: Court Upholds USFWS Decision To End “No-Otter Zone”

Los Angeles, CA – In a major victory for threatened southern sea otters, U.S. District Court Judge John F. Walter on Friday issued a ruling denying a challenge by some fishing organizations to a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) decision that has restored protections for sea otters in Southern California.  Environmental Defense Center, The […]

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No-Otter Zone

Groups Will Defend Sea Otter Recovery and End of “No-Otter” Zone

For Immediate Release, July 31, 2013 Contacts: Jim Curland, Friends of the Sea Otter, (831) 726-9010, jcurland@seaotters.org Andrea Treece, Earthjustice, (415) 217-2089, atreece@earthjustice.org Miyoko Sakashita, Center for Biological Diversity, (415) 436-9682 x 308, miyoko@biologicaldiversity.org Groups Will Defend Sea Otter Recovery and End of  “No-Otter” Zone MONTEREY, Calif.— Conservation and wildlife groups announced today that they intend […]

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Threatened: The Controversial Struggle of the Southern Sea Otter.

Threatened: The Controversial Struggle of the Southern Sea Otter

A Must-See Documentary! After being brought back from the brink of extinction, sea otters are once again in peril. An unprecedented number of sea otter deaths have occurred along the California coast in the last three years. But not everyone wants to support a thriving sea otter population. Otters are at the center of a […]

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Southern sea otter

The ‘No-Otter Zone’ is No More

FWS Terminates Southern Sea Otter Translocation Program, Fulfills 2009 Legal Settlement with the Otter Project and Environmental Defense Center Today, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) published a final rule officially ending the ‘no-otter zone’ encompassing nearly all of the sea otter’s natural range in southern California. In 2009, the Environmental Defense Center (EDC) […]

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Sea otter pup asleep on mom

California Sea Otters Are More Than Endearing Coastal Icons

This op-ed originally appeared in the Santa Barbara News-Press on May 20, 2012. Used with permission.   California sea otters are more than endearing coastal icons. They play a vital role in creating healthy ecosystems that support a wealth of ocean wildlife — and the people who benefit from that abundance. No one alive knows known how […]

H.R. 4043 and the No Otter Zone

H.R. 4043 and the “No Otter Zone”

It’s hard not to get a bit nervous when you testify before a Congressional Committee in Washington D.C. It is, after all, the seat of government of the most powerful nation on earth at a time a great turmoil and upheaval. Even seemingly small issues, like whether sea otters will be allowed to expand their […]

Resource Benefits and Conflicts of Sharing a Coast with Sea Otters

Check with the next sea otter you see bashing a shell on its chest. Chances are good that he’s going after a meal we humans enjoy as well. Abalone, clams, crabs—they all can make the otter menu. Though we might marvel at the ingenuity it takes to find 25 percent of their bodyweight in food […]

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