Boat strikes kill sea otters

Slow it Down! Boat Strikes Kill Sea Otters.

Anthropogenic (human-caused) sources of sea otter mortality include gun shots, entanglement, entrapment, and boat strikes.  Although these causes of mortality are relatively uncommon, this category is the most preventable source of sea otter deaths in California. Of these human-caused sources of mortality, boat strike is likely the most unintentional and unnoticed, but is easily avoidable […]

Sea Otter Step-Section

Sea Otters: Furry on the Outside, Beautiful on the Inside!

  Sea otters are interesting and amazing creatures to watch and enjoy in their coastal environment. Guess what? It turns out that they’re just as amazing and interesting on the inside as they are on the outside! Here in California, scientists perform postmortem examinations on all sea otters that are found dead, so they can […]

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Sea otter stranding

Did You Know Sea Otters Can Transmit Diseases to Humans?

A Zoonotic Disease Found in Sea Otters – Coccidioides immitis Melissa A. Miller also contributed to this piece When responding to sick/injured Southern sea otters or recovering carcasses, responders should be aware of the potential health hazards associated with wildlife contact. This is one reason the public is encouraged to call the proper authorities rather than […]

What are Sea Otter Necropsies and Why are They Needed?

Timelapse sea otter necropsy (post-mortem examination) of adult female and pup conducted at California Department of Fish and Game. Live Southern sea otters are never killed for the sole purpose of a necropsy (post-mortem examination).  The sea otters are either found dead or have been euthanized due to severe injury or disease that is considered […]

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