Sea Otter Gives Birth To Twins In Morro Bay, California

Morro Bay twin sea otters

Mother sea otter with her twin pups in Morro Bay, CA. Photo: Michael L. Baird

Last weekend a sea otter gave birth to twins in Morro Bay, CA.  Researchers are aware of only a small number of sea otter pregnancies which have resulted in the birth of more than one pup so this is an extremely rare occurrence.  Knowing that the demands of raising two pups are too great for any mother sea otter and that she would be forced to abandon one of her pups within days, researchers quickly arrived on scene to assess the situation.

Unfortunately shoreline monitoring efforts have been hampered by heavy fog and the otters’ proximity from shore.  Although the mother and her twins were spotted together earlier in the week, it appears there is now only one pup left.  Researchers remain on site searching for any sign of the abandoned baby otter. If they find it alive, they’ll bring it to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to be fostered.  Stay tuned and please keep your fingers crossed!!!

UPDATE 7/1/13:  We have sad news to report.  Researchers and volunteers did all they could to keep an eye on the trio, but the weather just wasn’t on their side.  When the fog finally lifted, mom was found carrying only one pup.  There’s been no sighting of the the abandoned pup since.


Check out this wonderful photo gallery of the trio by photographer and California State Park docent Mike Baird.

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